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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Can't afford Organo Gold

flat broke
Your prospect says: "I need to see if I can pick up some extra hours (or get a second job) so I can get the money to get started with this thing.  Right now, I'm broke."

My Answer: "Wait a minute. You've been working at your job for ____ years and you haven't managed to save up even a little money to start this business. So now you're going to keep doing more of the same and save the money in a matter of days? It's time to start changing the way you're doing things, isn't it? Let's look at other options to get you started."

Talk about selling a TV (or 3), selling old musical equipment or any stuff that is just sitting around collecting dust.  Just put it on ebay or have a yard sale.  Remind them that, with Organo Gold, we are talking about serious money - the kind of money that will set you free forever.

Fernando Rodriguez sold his extensive DVD collection for $2 each AND sold the BRAND NEW TV his girlfriend had bought him for his birthday! Today, he's a Blue Diamond!

We have to shake our prospects up. How bad do they want it... and badly do we want to help them?


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