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Monday, August 27, 2012

The 4th of July is over

American flag
It seems like yesterday, doesn't it?  That's how fast time passes!

A lot of people here in the US did what they always do on the 4th of July - celebrating the Declaration of Independence from King George and the British. For many, 'celebrating independence' really just refers to cooking outside, drinking too much and watching some fireworks late into the evening.  Then (in the morning) they'll simply go back to waking up when they're told to, in order fight through traffic to get to a job they can't stand... to earn a pay check that is too little.

BUT... if you're willing to plug into the system, put in the work, keep inviting prospects, and press forward when your "friends" reject you, you can get to the place where you truly CELEBRATE REAL INDEPENDENCE!

Let's make every month your best month, ever!


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