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Friday, June 22, 2012

Organo Gold in Houston Texas

If you're in Houston, you're lucky for a number of reasons.  We've got low housing costs, no state income tax, lots of green space and lots and lots of opportunity.  Speaking of opportunity, if you're interested in Organo Gold, and you're in Houston, you're really in luck.  That's because a number of the top producers in the company are right here, and we all work together!  And by top producers, I mean TOP producers.  These are guys earning over $100,000.00 a MONTH with Organo Gold. 

Think about that for a few seconds and then...

If you're in Houston, call me or email me!  I'll come sit down with you and explain this thing face to face.  I'll even bring my sponsor with me.  You'll like that because I usually buy lunch and he's got a big appetite!  You'll like us too, because we're just regular guys... drinkin' coffee and countin' money.  Of course, we'll help you every day of the week no matter where you are in the world.  All I'm saying is that being in the Houston area gives you a very special advantage with our team.

I'm waiting to hear from you... :)


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