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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making great coffee just got easier in Ireland

Malaysia, Ecuador and now Ireland are open for business!  What makes Organo Gold so exciting is that it's NEW in so many places.  The fact that Organo Gold millionaires have already been created since it's 2008 launch is getting attention around the world.  However, the fact remains that most people have never heard of it.  It's especially true in these new countries that have recently joined the Organo Gold family.  That represents an incredible opportunity to be first.  What do I mean be 'first'?  I mean being the first in your country to start passing out samples of this amazing coffee and explaining the powerhouse business possibility that goes along with it.

In some areas, this may represent the best and only chance people have to escape a life of limited income potential.  As sad as that it, it also happens to be true.  But that a good thing when people actually see it, understand it and do it.


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